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Hasson & Wong, Diep, or Arocha?

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I'm a 28 yo male who is a Norwood 3 with diffuse thinning on top. I've started up minoxidil and will be getting on Fin within the month. I'm looking to have a transplant done in about 6 months, and wanted to get a consensus on these docs.


I've met with Arocha so far in person and had an online consult with H/W. The consult with Diep is scheduled for the end of the month. I'm leaning towards FUT - in order to maximize grafts - I'm not entirely sure how my body will respond to the meds, so I want to keep this option.


The rep from H/W said I'd need 2500 grafts.

Arocha said to go with 2200 grafts for what I think is a slightly more conservative hairline. It seemed as if he was open to going a bit more aggressive. He told me that I had good donor, and could have 3 HT's if I went the FUT route and 2 if I went the FUE route.


I understand that H/W are known to be some of the best; where does Arocha stack up with these guys? I am in Houston, so if all things equal, I would prefer to go to the closer surgeon. That being said, if H/W are even slightly better, I would much rather go there. Diep is third on my list (I'm hesitant to go the FUE route because I want to see how well the medications work, and I believe his FUT work is not as renowned as the others).

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All three of these doctors are excellent, I wouldn’t say Dr. Diep isn’t renowned for his FUT, a lot of his work on YouTube is FUT. With that said, it really comes down to your consult, who do you feel the most comfortable with, who do you feel will meet your personal needs as a patient. But really you can’t go wrong with either three.

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Leaning towards Arocha because I hear he's good + he's nearby. Can you tell me what else you've heard about him? I've done a search on the website, one of the concerning things is his pts tend to be older and the hairlines are a bit more conservative. Makes sense however, with the pts also being older.

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