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Hello everyone I am Eden 30 years old my dream already 10 years was to have the best hair transplant that I could and iv always said that I will do it no later then the age of 30, and hear i am 30 years old making my dream come true.

I did a lot of research and after long time iv decided to go with the great Dr Koray Erdogan in ASMED clinic.

Im a healthy guy I like sport,I don't drink or smoke.

I arrived on the 30/4 for a consultation with Dr Koray Erdogan who gave me great feeling about the future.

Dr Erdogan asked me if I take any medication and I told him I take propecia 1mg 12 years already and started Avodart 0.5 daily 4-5 month ago.

we drew the hairline that we thought will look the best and I left to the hotel with a great feeling.

on the second and the third of May Iv had 5213 grafts transplanted on my scalp. it was not painful the team gave me great feeling and actually I had great time in the theatre room!

yesterday I took a flight back home started to swollen very badly but I know its common and normal.

at night times my scalp feels a little tingling so I tied my hand so I wont scratch the grafts

I have few weeks of from work now and I decided to write in this forums who gave me a lot of power to go and make my dream come true.

hope to hear honest thoughts and some great ideas!

much appreciate all of you here!










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Hi Eden


Well done for getting you transplant with Asmed they put out amazing work and I’m sure your result will be no different.


Can you post your stats for us please, hair calibre and donor capacity etc? Keep the thread updated il be following :)

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Great choice! You are exactly 2 weeks behind me, and I had 5019 grafts at asmed with a similar loss to yours... will watch with interest to see how your lighter hair compares with my darker hair as have seen great results with light hair from Asmed.

Hair Transplant: 5019 FUE grafts with Dr Koray Erdogan ASMED, April 2018




  • Hairs per graft ratio : 2.29
  • Total grafts : 5019
  • Total hairs : 11493
  • Hair thickness 58 microns
  • Singles : 573
  • Doubles : 2602
  • Triples : 1677
  • Quadruples : 162
  • Quintuples : 5


Hair loss regime


Proscar 1.25mg daily

Biotin 1000ug daily

MSM 1500mg daily

Rogaine 5% foam Twice daily

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