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Is minoxidil more effective in Tablets or Liquid? Side effects?

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While the other 2 are right about topical minox being approved and safer than the oral, I have heard from a couple members about oral minox being far more effective in terms of results. I can only speak to the topical thru personal experience and I found it useless and a nuisance. There was a doctor Dr Path in Thailand, who I'm not sure is still approved here or not, that used to recommend oral minox to his patients. Under a drs supervision you can get it approved for off label use, much in the same way dutasteride gets scripted for hair loss while technically not approved for that. I would only use it under a drs guidance tho as it can play with your blood pressure and cause headaches so it's best somebody monitor that and make sure you're using it safely if you decide to try that road.

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