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Hi Everyone - first time poster.


I am a 32yom Norwood IV/IVa in the Chicago area considering FUE. Given my work schedule, I unfortunately have a very limited time period that I can get the procedure performed. I have searched the forums and understand that the recommended doctors are Drs. Konior, Keller, and Panine. Dr. Konior is no longer taking new consultation dud to his wait period. He has recommended Dr. Nadimi - I have not had a consultation and understand that she is new. I have consulted with RESTORE under Dr. Katona - and overall had a positive experience with realistic expectations and a price point that was within range (2000 FUE for approximately 12K). There have been no recent reviews of his work or discussion outside of him working on celebrities (Urlacher, Deion Sanders, Ryne Sandberg, etc). I was hoping people could comment on their experience with RESTORE, what are any hesitations going with them, and value (price for quality) relative to the others.

Comments on the others would also be appreciated:


1. Dr. Katona/RESTORE

2. Dr. Nadimi (pricing same as Konior?, results?)

3. Dr. Keller

4. Dr. Panine

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Also- while I understand that RESTORE and Katona have gained fame bc of the celebrities, that doesn't mean they don't do good work. That's what I'm looking for help about. Their pricing is about $6 per graft which seems more reasonable than the $7 or $8 per graft asking price of the others.

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