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Dr. Michael Beehner

Frontal forelock pattern on 25 y/o Norwood VII; Dr. Mike Beehner

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This 25 y/o male has extensive baldness for his age and is now almost a Norwood VII. The only plan that I will use for someone this age and with this much hair loss is an oval frontal forelock pattern. The main goal is to frame the face and take away the tall "ski hill" of bald skin going up from the forehead which makes many men look older than they really are. It also has a devastating effect on the self image these men have of themselves.

We performed his procedure at the Orlando Live Surgery Workshop of the ISHRS 2 years ago. We placed 1280 grafts, of which 980 were FU grafts and 300 were MFU grafts (multi-follicular) for a total of 3274 hairs.The patient returned to see us around 7 months after his procedure, which can be viewed in the "after" photos here. In the next couple of years he will most likely have a second procedure of about the same size. His hair will become more full appearing in the next 6-8 months also. I tell these patients that the best styling pattern is to take the hair back and to the right corner. Two prominent politicians who were transplanted who style their hair this way are Joe Biden and Jim Baker. Also, small "humps" were drawn in his plan, in which downward pointing hairs are placed to help blur the area between the forelock and the side fringes.

The crown/vertex in the rear will only get larger as he ages, so there is a very limited amount of donor hair available. The most important thing of all is to make sure nothing is done that would make his appearance freakish in any way for the rest of his life.

Mike Beehner, M.D.









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