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Hi all,


First post here. I’ve been doing a lot of research and am close to booking my first hair procedure with either Dr Farjo in UK or Dr Bisanga in Brussels.


All of my research suggests that I would be in very safe hands with either surgeon and this is by far the most important aspect for me in choosing a surgeon.


Both are coming in at essentially the same price for 3,000 FUE grafts so I am really asking for any information that could tip me in either direction.


One thing I have been considering is the post op ease of having the surgery here in the UK. I am nervous of travelling back from Brussels with a swollen/painful head. How many days do people tend to wait before travelling back? Also is it not preferable to have easy access to the surgeon for check ups in the following 12 months?


Finally, I am very nervous of the months following a procedure and how easy it is to live a normal life. I have an office job (so no hats!) and am attending a wedding 5 weeks after the potential operation date. I am taking one month away from work post op but with many online photos I’ve often noticed significant redness after 6 weeks, which surely leads to many unwanted questions? What is the best way to handle this?


Lots of questions there.... hopefully I can get some advice on at least some of the issues.



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Welcome to our hair restoration forum community and thanks for posting. You are selecting between two outstanding physicians and when that happens, it’s difficult to give somebody advice by simply selecting one physician over the other. If you had selected one of these two doctors versus another doctor that has a history of using outdated techniques and Peele results, I could easily give you a doctors name, tell you why and that would be it. But both hair restoration surgeons have a long, outstanding history of producing excellent results Both have been prescreened and recommended by our community. Both or also highly esteemed Coalition members - a prestigious group that represents the best of the best.


Long story short, I would be 100% comfortable in either surgeons hands. Both Dr. Farjo and Dr. Bisanga have a strong reputation amongst their peers, patients and this community. I’ve personally been impressed by both of them for years.


So since both doctors are outstanding and can give you the results you’re looking for, looking at other factors when she was in between the two makes sense. For instance, if you would rather stay local because it’s more convenience, then there’s no reason you have to travel because you have an outstanding surgeon in your backyard. Unfortunately, not everybody has that luck Sharee and end up traveling simply because they don’t have a world renowned hair restoration doctor in their neighborhood.


You can also begin to look at factors like costs, convenience, things of that nature.


If I were you, I would consult with both surgeons and then view of thousands of examples of their results on this community and then make your choice based on all these factors.


There’s anything we can help with along the way, please let us know. Also, whoever you choose, congratulations because both are amazing. And we hope that you document your hair transplant experience with photos on this forum so we can follow your progress and encourage you along the way.


Best wishes,



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Thanks Bill,


You have confirmed for me that I am making the right decision in considering these two surgeons. I will do as you say and consult with both further before making my final decision.


The final result is of course the most important aspect to the process but as I mentioned previously I am nervous about the ugly duckling phase that almost everyone seems to pass through.


What if the redness doesn't go down for months? What if the new hair all starts growing at different rates? What if I suffer shock loss? I guess I am just interested to hear how people manage this and what are the reactions of others (e.g. work colleagues) during this phase?

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I’m glad I was able to help confirm your choice of surgeons. And your other concerns are legitimate and I understand them. The reality is however, that most people go through some sort of ugly duckling fees but as you rightfully said, it’s only a phase. Hair growth may occur at different rates. The right side may grow little faster or slower than the left for example but after a while, everything will catch up with one another. Postoperative redness is possible as well. I know that I experienced a lot of post operative redness after my second hair transplant procedure not so much the others. I think the longest took for me, was about three or four months for the redness to dissipate. So it might take longer and others it might be only a week. Some may not experience any redness.


So you do need to understand that no matter who you select for your hair transplant surgery, that there are going to be awkward faces while you go through it. But that’s what this community is for. Dozens of active veteran members will provide you with support and encouragement as you go through each and every stage as long as you are an active poster and ask questions and share your progress. But knowing that you were going to select one of two prestigious surgeons perform state of the art hair transplant surgery and truly care about their patients Makes me feel quite confident that you will be very happy with your results and everything grows in. Nobody likes the awkward faces but, it’s only a very small period of time compared to a lifetime of brand new hair that you can grow, cut, brush and style.


I hope this helps.



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