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50 year old patient with minor but noticeable recession/thinning through his frontal zone. His circumstances were good for a thorough procedure which closed his temples and gave him an incredibly youthful hairline.


Surgery Type: FUT


Recipient Area Treated - 40cm

Total Grafts - 2616

Total Hairs - 5287

Recipient Graft Density - 65 grafts/cm

Recipient Hair Density - 132 hairs/cm


Graft Breakdown:

Single Hairs - 573 grafts

Two Hairs - 1415 grafts

Three Hairs - 628 grafts

Four Hairs - 0 grafts

Average Hairs Per Graft - 2.02
















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I really like how do you also record the density of both the number of graphs and the number of hairs… Which I assume is an average correct? Either way, it’s clear that this is a very dense hair transplant and it looks phenomenal. It blends in perfectly with the rest of his hair.


Best wishes,



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Rahal is THE MAN! Was this definitely FUT? You can't even remotely see any donor scar despite very short sided haircut (Blade level looks to be a 2 - in the middle row far right picture).

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Knocked this one out of the park. Nice healing factor on the strip scar. Looks like 3 in the back to cover it up?


Love the salt and pepper, excellent work

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This was definitely FUT. I'm guessing he has a grade 3 but barbers do vary the grade so perhaps it's a 2 above the ears. I'm just speculating though as I couldn't reliably tell a grade 3 from a 2.


Here's a video. I always enjoy seeing the comb parting the hair.



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