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HDC Hair Clinic - 3000 Grafts FUE - 0 16 Months

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This patient is 25 years old and he is a potential class 5.


We explained to him that if he will proceed with a Hair Transplant Surgery he needs to be ready Psychologically and Financially to complete the job, meaning that he will need additional Hair Transplant surgeries, as his hair loss with continue.


We agreed, so we proceeded with the 1st HT for 3000 grafts to cover the hairline and the front. We have placed the hairline in a position above his original hairline to be natural when he will reach the class 5 stage, as you can see in the hairline drawing below.


He was, and still is very cooperative and very happy with his result. He is coming back soon to cover the crown.


The fact that we make these surgeries with normal session of 3000 grafts and not aggressively with 5000 – 6000 grafts, maximizes the total amount of grafts that his donor can ultimately give without depletion. You can see more about this subject on this article.




For every result that we post we try to give value and additional information to the members of this forum.













Immediately After






16 Months after




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I've seen some excellent results from this clinic over the past year or so. He must be thrilled with that result

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A few more shots (particularly of the top) and possibly a video would be great. It does look an excellent result though.

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beautiful result, density is impressive, nice work from this clinic again.

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