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Is there a hair transplant surgeon that really good with restoring hairlines?

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I see many hair transplant on the net and I noticed that the hairline is where a surgeon skills really shows itself.


I am trying to find a hair transplant surgeon somewhere in the USA that can do a great job in getting back that natural hairline "look."


Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!

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I would say that a surgeon's skills are evident in all areas, and not only the hairline - but with that said, the hairline is often where we see the most impressive change between the before and after pictures.


I would advise taking a look through the results posted by hair restoration clinics:


Results Posted by Leading Hair Restoration Clinics - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients


Here are a few of the recent results I've posted for Dr Rahal.




I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal.


My FUE Procedure With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result


I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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Your question is a variation of the “who is the best hair transplant surgeon“ question. And what I typically tell people is that while there is no single best surgeon, there are standards that surgeons should meet in order to become labeled one of the best. What should become obvious, is that the hair transplant results and that you see from these hair transplant surgeons should be excellent. And not just one time, but consistently.


Beyond standards, choosing a hair transplant surgeon can be very subjective. You might like the personality of one doctor over another. You might aesthetically appreciate one doctor’s hairlines more than another even though another person might like a different surgeon’s hairlines instead.


That’s why this community recommends hair transplant surgeons based on high and demanding standards but also requires surgeons To present on going examples of their results for regular review. In addition, because this community is popular, many patients also share their experiences and results which is one of the best form of reviews that anyone could hope for.


So in my opinion, instead of asking somebody for their opinion on doctors who produces the best hairlines, take a look through our community and view our recommended doctors results and then consult with those you are impressed by the most.


I hope this helps.



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