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New Member 28 y/o - Searching for HT Surgeon for my case

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I have been viewing these forums for some time now probably since I was in high school. I always knew I was going to bald as it runs in both sides of my family however I expected it to begin much later in life. I’m in my late 20s now starting thinning/ receding since 19 years old. Once I noticed I wanted to get on the phone and start booking consultations but knew that my balding was going to progress more.

As you’ll see in the photos – in a NW4 (correct me if I’m wrong). And I’m finally ready to move forward on my 1st procedure. I Have been doing more research as of late and have found 3 doctors that I think can return my hairline to what it once was like in photo shown (~7 years ago) . I took measurements of my hairline frame back when I was a senior in highchool and it was from Mid Brow to center hairline (6.5 cm) and from mid forhead to side (8.5 cm) now I’m at 10cm & 10cm respectively and 14cm back on top!!

I have scheduled video consultations with Dr.Diep in California, Dr. Huebner in Florida, and have spoken to Dr.Vories in NC. I’m leaning more towards the FUT / Strip method as I have read that it yields more density, larger sessions, cost less, and I plan on doing more procedures (FUE or FUT) as my balding continues so don’t want to use all the supply. I have been told i may need 3000 grafts to bring in my frontal and side hairlines back to it where it was a few years ago. (do you agree?)




I would like to hear your opinions on my case and recommend any doctors.

I’m in the New York Area - I prefer someone in the Northeast but willing to travel


Late 20s


Hispanic (with Italian and African background so my hair is curly).


Best Regards,






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Dr. Huebner performs mini graft surgery, this type of surgery was performed 25 years ago, choose a surgeon that performs refined FUSS follicular unit strip surgery or FUE, Dr. Diep performed my surgery, take your time, take a look at the recommendations on this site, you have curly hair so you want to look at surgeons with a history of performing surgery on black curly hair. Dr. Diep, Dr. Cooley, Dr. Shapiro these are good starting points.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Thank you for your opinions - I'm curious as to why Doctor Huebner is not recommended - i have been watching his videos for a few weeks now and with the exception of some cases i see the results are good (at least that's what it seems) especially with people with similar hair as mine. i have not seen any one posting on negative experiences with him (maybe you can point me to those cases)


I found this article in regards to MINI GRAFTS that details some negatives (https://www.hairtransplantmentor.com/what-is-mini-grafting-and-micro-grafting/).


I started conversations with John Frank in NY and will be speaking to him further in the folowing days. My consultation with Diep is in may his FUT service is much less expensive that his FUE so i'm using him as my baseline and is my number one choice thus far.

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If you're around New York I would also definitely check in with Dr Wesley, very good doc.


I can't say Ive heard of Dr Frank but I would agree with the rest that Huebner is one to bypass. He's the protege of a doc who was scandalous to say the least and concerns of his skill and dubious marketing tactics precede him. For your own safety you can do better.


Diep is a fine doc, I like him less as a fut doc I think you can get a doc who does fut primarily where I think Dieps practice is largely fue today and hes one of the best in the US at it but I would want one of the best FUT docs for my hair if im doing fut.


I very much like the Bloxham, Cooley recommendations for fut tho.

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