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My Hairloss Journey [Australian, Asian, Laorwong, Bangkok, 38yo]

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Hi All,


I have finally taken the plunge and started my hair loss (or should I say hair regrowth!) journey.

As I've read a lot of peoples posts here and gained a lot of insight and assistance, I thought it only fair if I also put forward my own journey so that maybe I'll be able to help someone else who might be considering doing the same.


I'm going try to chronologically recount my journey on this thread and as I progress I will also update this thread, hoping to have a concise picture of the beginning the middle and the end of my journey (and hopefully a full head of hair!).


** The Beginning : 5 Months Ago **


As probably most of everyone here, I started by researching techniques! I decided on the FUE technique in the end because I was worried the strip technique would leave me with a scar and I like to have my hair short.


Then I researched all over the Internet (real self, other blogs and forums) and this forum for the right doctor for me. Price really wasn't that big of a factor, it was more experience and good reviews that made the difference for me, oh, and pictures! PICTURES!


Also I'm in Australia - I couldn't really find any doctors in Australia that came highly recommended, so taking a trip to Thailand wasn't going to be an issue.


I finally settled on the two doctors who seem most highly recommended in Bangkok - Dr. Pathomvanich or Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong. I emailed them both with pictures of my hair line (attached). I actually didn't get a reply from Dr. Path at all and got a reply from Dr. Laorwong the next day.


Here's the picture I sent and got back from Dr. Laorwong:




After doing more research and speaking to my family and partner, I decided - OK, if I'm going to do it - let's do it! So I booked my flights, my hotels and also booked my appointment with Dr. Laorwong.


** 1 Week Before **


It's now 1 week before the surgery and I'm feeling quite confident, I keep on looking at b4 and afters for Dr. Laorwong and I'm feeling confident that I will have a good result. I am hoping for 1,500 grafts at 90 bhatt per graft, so that's going to be around ?3,000 (AUD5,500). Which if it works, seems OK to me. But if it doesn't work - wow, that's a lot of money to waste! :eek:


The doctor's office has emailed me with some tips before surgery which I will share with you :


Two weeks before surgery

• No Rogaine or Minoxidil.


One week before surgery

• No Plavix, Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid - A.S.A.) or anti-inflammatory medications that contain Aspirin.

• No Vitamin E, Fish oil.

• No Ginkgo Bilobe, Ginseng or other herbal supplements.

• Continue your regular medicines unless the doctor told you to stop taking them.

• If you have high blood pressure and taking medication please inform your doctor not to use Beta blocker for one week prior to surgery and switch to other drug.

• Please notify the doctor in case of fever or sickness or other surgery you will have prior to surgery.


OK - that's it from me for now.

Will update again when land in Thailand!


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Nice one pal. I'm from sydney so went to India from here. Good luck with the Op! Ask them loads of questions!

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    • It doesn't look probable, this case was treated at a density of 50 grafts per cm2 as average; dense but a not super dense pack like 60 or more needed for Norwood 1 to 3 with high native density and tiny grafts and hair caliber.
    • Dr. Pekiner started his career in the hair transplant world at dr. Keser's clinic, that is a fact. Many patients ask where he was formed and where he learned the manual FUE techinque. Stating the truth is not a promotional use of his experience at Keser's clinic, we only wrote this in his private curriclum vitae and it is specified he did not perform surgeries at Keser's, while he did at HLC later. Dr. Keser is not mentioned everywhere else except in this brief CV of dr. Pekiner, for what reason we should omit where he trained and worked before?
    • Hello everybody, my name is Alex, I am the Italian advisor of dr. Pekiner Hair Clinic, I also take care of English-speaking patients. I am in the hair transplant world since 2003, beginning in an old Italian forum, then in 2006 I started to post in an American one (under the name Starscream). I underwent a hairline HT surgery with dr. Keser in 2016; then I got in touch with dr. Pekiner who was opening his new clinic and I became his advisor. I had a final hairline touch up and beard surgery with him in 2018, I will share my experiences in this forum soon. Coming to the point of this topic, at first I want to say I did not follow this patient, he came through the former Russian advisor, I became aware of his case when he started to post it in internet some days ago. Dr. Pekiner and clinic staff told me that this patient first and main failure is that he never followed dr. Pekiner's rules, instructions and medical advices. The second important thing to know is that this is the only case where we met such an extended regrowth deficiency. It can happen that small zones show delayed or less regrowth, but we have never experienced to such an extent. Another important thing to point out is that each case before and after his first (04 December 2017) and second (21 November 2018) operation, went perfectly fine and are documented in dr. Pekiner's site and other forums. I cannot link them here because they are considered promotional content. Hoping not to break forum rules, I can give datas of them so that you can search in the net if interested: first case 2305 grafts dense pack second case 3256 grafts (of which 1121 from beard) second surgery for crown third case 1501 grafts dense pack (allnakedorafk) fourth case 1800 grafts dense pack (Max1972) Same procedures, technique, also same assistants were used in all these consecutive surgeries. They all came out perfectly fine except Russian patient, twice (even if the second time he performed a little better). The important question is then "why". Dr. Pekiner doesn't think of any skin condition or illness that made the transplanted grafts not grow well. He thinks the patient failed to follow his advices and instructions. After the second operation, free of charge, when he showed again poor regrowth rate, he was invited to come and visit a dermatologist, but he refused. Even if physiological or pathological flaws like poor microcirculation or dermatitis are not probable, they are still plausible and should be investigated. Leave it alone the fact that this patient seems now engaged in the mission of destroying dr. Pekiner's reputation all around the world, posting in all the forums and media he did not know they existed just 1 month ago. Thank you for reading.
    • I think it’s a little bit of both. Back in ‘00 I hadn’t moved to Austin yet but I was there with my then girlfriend and I came across him at a UT football game. My hair had already started thinning so I was hyper aware of and always staring and guys heads. This was around the time of his bongo incident. His hair was pretty long and really thin throughout.  So then in the summer of ‘15 I worked on Free State Of Jones. He has a lady who JUST works with his hair. I don’t know her name but she also worked on his hair piece for the movie Gold. All I can say is that she’s a magician. Being as close to him as I get to my own wife there was no sign of concealer of any kind.  Nor was there any sign of a hair piece. All of those people have a team of people whose sole purpose is just to make sure that they look good when they go out to make public appearances.  My everyday job is at one of the Alamo Drafthouse’s in Austin and last year he came in on a very slow day with his kids to watch a Pixar movie. Nothing to cover his head. His frontal third looked fairly strong except his corners which were super recessed-nothing like you see in pictures or movies. There’s really no way to be certain until he comes forward-which he never will-but I think he’s had some FUE done because that frontal 3rd was way thicker than it was during his bongo days. I think he styles it cleverly in order to go out publicly and then for films he uses some strategic pieces to bring it all together. I think Joe Tillman was spot on with his video.
    • Nah I think we've had it wrong this whole time it's obviously Regenix   
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