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Jerry Cooley MD-2249 Grafts-African American Female-PRP w/ACEll

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This delightful woman is in her early 60’s and has significant androgenetic alopecia. She had extensive miniaturization throughout her scalp and her donor area was below average.


We discussed the possibility that more than one transplant would be necessary and that even then, we would be unable to create a dense look. We started her on finasteride and minoxidil, and performed FUSS consisting of 2,249 FU’s (1-1320, 2-787, 3-139, 4-3). We also performed PRP/ACell throughout the entire area.


She is shown one year later. The results were better than expected, due to an excellent response to the PRP and medications. The grafts were concentrated along the hairline and down the center, and can be seen as the darker hairs compared to the lighter colored native hairs.



















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