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Dr. Michael Beehner

Patchy, autoimmune hair loss (LPP) in 59 y/o man. One session.

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This 59 y/o male with longtime history of Lichen Planopilaris presented to our office. He initially had test grafts, which grew well, and was then transplanted with a single session of 1348 grafts, consisting of 1078 FU grafts and 270 MFU grafts. At the time of the "after" photos, he was back for his second session to increase the density further. He had coarse hair and his FU distribution was 80% 2-hair grafts, 15% 3-hair grafts, and 5% 1-hair grafts. Hopefully, his condition is "burned out" after being the same for the past 6 years. I always warn these patients, however, that, should the condition re-activate, that they should get right in touch with their dermatologist so that the flare-up can be treated right away and avoid losing any of the transplanted hair.

Mike Beehner, M.D.








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