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Lasers- Master thread

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I know I've seen various laser topics on here, but wanted to make a thread where everyone has used them, gives some input on their experience. (If you have not used them please do not most that they are useless).


I recently went through a fairly large shed that I believe was laser induced and the more research I'm doing the more I'm realizing that even though they may be a slight growth promoter, they may in fact cause some long term damage. As a veteran, I'm really interested in what others veterans have experienced. (New users as well.)


I was using Overmachogrande's device. It did help with some redness but not once have I ever witnessed and new hair growth as a result from using the device.

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I know the the Feller school of thought is that it does absolutely nothing, but Dr. Baubac has made the case that slight temperature increase can harm the follicles and cause some senescence.

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Am on my 3rd month using Irestore helmet, 3x/week 25mins/session...but I am also on biotin/fin/msm at the same time due to going through a frontal HT procedure.


So far the only thing I noticed is that my hair is darker.

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Interesting, I've noticed that while I'm on it that's happened as well at times.

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Used a generic 128 diode laser helmet for roughly six months at the same time I started finasteride and minoxidil. Dropped it along with minox and had no issues like shedding, changes in texture etc. Still on finasteride and it's been roughly 16 months now, above baseline from an initial thickening which I attribute to finasteride.


At least in my case I don't think it made a difference. I would opt for it only with low expectations knowing that using a helmet is a hassle, that you may be wasting your money and it's not proven even at the level of nizoral as an adjunct treatment.


It could be attributed to other things (finasteride?) but my longterm dandruff also went away after a while from using it.

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Posted (edited)

My first hair laser treatments try.




About 12 years ago, my hair started to get thinner at the hairline and a bit on the frontal top.


At that time, I tried for a year the then non-foam Rogaine (2% then 5%) and hated using it because it was messy and left an unpleasant sticky residue though I didn't get an itchy or especially dry scalp. There was a little improvement on the top but not at the hairline, so I stopped using the messy Rogaine liquid.




About 9 years ago (I wasn't using Rogaine anymore), I used a handheld laser device called Hairmax LaserComb (the best that company made then) for about a year, 3 times a week, 20 minutes each time with no visible hair growth after a year. I also thought it was a hassle to to use it (though not as annoying as using the old Rogaine liquid and since I didn't get any results, I stopped using it.




My second (and last) hair laser treatments try.




Then about 7 years ago I thought I'd give hair laser treatment another try and it might help this time if I bought a big hand-free laser device which I sat under, like an old-fashion? hair salon hair dryer that covers your whole head all at once. At least with that one I could read or just relax during each treatment. I had bought their most expensive hand-free laser device with the highest number of laser (cool) lights inside the unit (over $1000).



It's called RayMax Laser Bio-Simulation (made in the US I think) and I used it for about a year and a half, 3 times a week, a 20-minute treatment each time with no results as far as I could see.




During both tries above, there was no side effects and my hair color didn't get darker or change texture either. But both times hair laser treatment didn't help at all in my experience.



Then 6 years ago, while still using my big hand-free laser device, I started taking Finasteride 1mg daily which helped grow some hair on the top again but not really at the hairline though it prevented further hair loss or at least visibly slowed down my hair loss. I don't seem to have any of the side effects that some people may have from Finasteride.



My hair transplant.




Finally, in 2015, after one year of indecision and much research, I went for the only option that will definitely give you the best results you can get. HAIR TRANSPLANT. I got approximately 2400 grafts in my natural (but then very thinning) hairline and frontal top at one of the best, most experienced and renown hair surgeons in the field, Dr Rahal in Canada. After considering both FUE and FUT and my surgeon explanations, even if FUE seemed more popular these days, I chose FUT and I'm glad I did since it's supposed to ensure more grafts will survive and I have no visible scar, even if I lift and part my hair and look (with 2 mirrors) where the strip was removed. I even asked a friend to look for it and he couldn't see it.




So now, more than two years after my transplant, I have about the same natural hair line as in my 30's. I'm in my early 50's.



But to help with my hair transplant which was successful, I keep taking Finasteride 1mg daily and one month after my HT, I started using Rogaine foam 5% (but only once a day at night, though I tend to skip once or twice a week). I suppose, Rogaine and Finasteride mainly help keep my non-transplanted, native hair or at least they slow down my hair loss. If I experience visible hair loss again in the future, unless there is some new amazing product or medicine scientifically proven to give results, I would go again for another hair transplant.



My conclusion.




My reasoning for trying hair laser treatment a second time was that if several other types of lasers today are very effective for various skin treatments and some medical surgeries, they should also work for hair growth. But in my experience, hair laser treatment devices that we can use at home didn't make a difference even if I had bought the best of their kind available then. I now read that hair laser treatment may help IF used while taking Finasteride and/or using Rogaine foam 5% but I'm not convinced it's true.




As the real experts say (the most experienced surgeons giving the best results), including my surgeon Dr Rahal, for hair loss gone too far, only hair transplants work and very likely even better if Finasteride 1mg, Rogaine foam 5% and Nizoral shampoo 2% a few times a week are also used. Of course people may use one, two or these three additional solutions or none of them to help with their HT and get various results.




From what I read online, ACell + PRP apparently works for some people who haven't lost too much hair yet but is expensive in the long run and most of the real experts in general don't seem to claim it's totally proven to be effective, not at this time anyway.




Wish you all the best Everyone with whichever hair growth methods you try.

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