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Diffuse thinning, Can I have smp with a 0.5 guard buzz cut?

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I am contemplating having SMP done, and as my hairline is still intact and I have quite a bit of hair left was wondering if I had a buzz cut to a 0.5 guard or lower could I pull off SMP with a very short cut. I'll post some pics of my head so you have an idea of my hair.


p.s. I've been going gym for a few months and have beefed up a bit and ready to take this head on LOL :D


EDIT: I'll rock this style with a beard for a couple years whilst I wait for my hairless to stabilise, I will then reassess my HT options.





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I think u be better off with toppik or dermamatch since u still have hair .. it will make the top of ur head look thicker . Then u could have a spiky or flattop kinda look ..

- with smp it be more expensive n will just make head not as see through ... maybe u should save that money for a future hair transplant n use concealers for now.. just my thoughts since ur hair isn’t too bad right now ..

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I agree that concealers would work wonders with your hair as it is in the photos. It would be night and day. But I know that not everybody is happy using them (I wouldn't be) so SMP could be a good option. However, you still have a lot of hair and, crucially, an intact hairline to frame your face, so I don't think you'd necessarily need SMP at this stage. Buzz it and see.

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