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Any information on Dr Radha of India, or Dr Bunagan of Davao, Philippines

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Hey guys,


I’m ready to go get my first (and hopefully last) HT. I’m an American expat, currently living in Vietnam. I have found two Doctors on here that have positive feedback, are affordable for me, and close by. The two Doctors are Radha of India, and Bunagan of Davao City, Philippines. I’m also going to be moving to the Philippines within the next month, so if I can get the procedure done there, that would be amazing. I have already gotten email responses from both Doctors, and graft estimates. I’m still so unsure, and really just want to make an informed decision.

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Dr.Radha is one of the finest FUT surgeon in India.

There are many users who have shared their experiences in this forum and majority are positives.

She performs one operation per day and her staff is very experience too.

I have no idea about Dr.Bunagan!!

Good luck and research well

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