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Examples of FUE on patients with naturally prominent Widows Peak?

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I've done a a significant amount of searching online, but haven't come across many examples of people who have had FUE (Or FUT) procedures that had naturally prominent widows peaks - does anyone here fall into this category?


In a few months I'll be having my first FUE procedure of 1600 grafts, and want to be realistic about my expectations. Most examples I find online show people that go for a hairline that's as low and straight as possible (factoring in for the slight roundness that all adults have vs. a completely straight youthful hairline). I don't think that's feasible in my case, nor do I want it.


It's also difficult to tell how many people were born with a widows peak vs. who has developed one and is trying to restore their pre-recession hairline.


Long before I lost anything from MPB, my hairline was very sharp, I've approximated it on the below photo. 90% of the transplants I see end up with someone asking for a hairline like I've sketched in the bottom-right (sometimes this turns out good, sometimes it doesn't).


I'd be happy if after my FUE my hairline falls somewhere in the blue area i've outlined, and doesn't look TOO much different from the surrounding density.


So my questions come down to:


Does anyone have any personal experience with a hairline like this?


Any special considerations?


Is it really that rare to have a natural hairline like this? From photo galleries you'd think so, or maybe people with this type of hairline just opt to go above and beyond with a transplant, making it fuller than it ever was? That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.


My info:

Age: 29

Gradually frontal recession over the last ~8 or so years

Started Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Ketaconazal shampoo about 1 month ago. No side effects so far other than what seems to be increased shedding, plan to stay on there indefinitely.


Uploading a photo here shrinks it, so here is a larger version: https://imgur.com/a/Fco4Q


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It depends on ur face , if this hairline suits ur face it be fine .. but it’s better if the widows peak isn’t so sharp , it will look weird . What was ur natural hairline before ? Try to get as close as u can to that . That’s the ultimate goal .

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Doctors aim for a combination of the best aesthetic solution, most practical solution given your donor, and client wishes. Sometimes if what the client wants looks ridiculous a doctor may step in but if a more pointed hairline suits your face and it is what you want, most docs would be on board. Here is an example of a procedure done recently that has a more angled hairline than is traditionally seen




so it is done but not everybody has the face for that, you generally take cues from your natural hairline pre loss and your facial features, ie, if your eyebrows are straight across your hairline tends to go straighter across and follow in line, if your eye brows have a sharp decline at the center then the hairline comes down in the center to mirror it.. so you just want a natural flow to your hairline and most doctors are good at gauging that but you are free to input along the way. Talk to your doc and work out the best game plan for your hair.

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