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Hair transplant repair (camouflage or FUE removal)

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Hi guys, Seeking advice on my current situation. Around 10 months ago I had a hair transplant which left me with an emotionally devastating result. The doctor lowered my hairline far more than requested, I had 1700 grafts (with very little growth) & many planted in the wrong direction. I have recently had a repair by a far more experienced doctor who planted 700 ( mostly multi) extra grafts in a way that she is convinced will camouflage the previous transplant (wrong angled grafts are mostly ones & 2s). I’m skeptical to the result I will receive And am considering booking another surgery with the ASMED clinic to remove and replant the poorly angled hairs. My hair is really thick, I have a very strong donor area & my hair loss is beyond slow. I am on avodart, minox, fin & niz as preventions. This has destroyed my life. I am not looking for criticism, just advice on what you can see from the photos and help moving forward (1st 2 photos pre op - second two 10 days post op) Thanks





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The best thing to do is a search on repair cases in several of the major online hair loss forums like this one. Make contact with those patients who express they are happy and satisfied with their repair work, and ask them if they recommend the surgeon who did their work.


Also talk to the surgeons who have a lot of experience with FUE repair cases with examples and send them your photos. After consulting with the ones you feel do the best repair work, make an appointment to see them in person. Also ask them who they think would do the best repair on your case. Some docs will tell you up front that there are other docs who would be more qualified for repair such as yours because not all of them will want to do your case.


Also, it is not advisable to take both dutasteride and finasteride at the same time as both are prostrate meds and not good for your prostrate. You can ask any doctor about that. They will undoubtedly tell you that it is best to take one or the other but not both at the same time.


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Supporting Physicians:  Dr. Robert True & Dr. Robert Dorin, New York, NY

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