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Took the next step today and am commited to getting something done

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I was on a date the other night with a girl who's 10 years younger than me that I met via a dating app. We had drink and she made a comment about my hair being "way longer" in my main photo. What she obviously meant to say was the hairline was a bit lower :D


Anyway, I have been browsing this forum for years and since I am going to move forward with a transplant (just sent pics to Konior), I figured I might as well join the community.


I'm 32, front hairline has been receding since I was 24 or 25. It has gotten to a point where it's a bit difficult to style my hair and cover up the baldness with what's left of the forelock.


About a year ago I sent pics to Dr. Jose Lorenzo and their office suggested I get on fin for 6 months to stabilize. Tried it and did not tolerate it well. Didn't notice any sexual sides but my motivation and mood went downhill around the 2nd month. I run a business and work from home, so that wasn't going to work. They also suggested I need 2500/2800 to fill everything in, which was a larger number than I was anticipating.


Minox didn't seem to do much and if anything I feel like it may have accelerated the loss a bit, as what I shed didn't seem to come back much stronger.


I did see that Hasson & Wong have a topical fin that purportedly decreases DHT levels in the scalp without a dramatic reduction in serum DHT. Very interested in trying that and working some connections to do a video consult with a plastic surgeon there so I can get an rx and have it shipped to the US.


Overall, I've kind of come to accept that this is something I am going to have to deal with. I used to get depressed about it (single guy in a city for single people) but aside from the occasional asshole comment, women don't seem to mind that much. I definitely get hit on less than I did 3 years ago, but I guess that's life. More than anything, my main reason for wanting to get this done is because I took a bottle to the face during a brawl/assault in college. Minor bump that wasn't noticeable but with the hairline rescission, it definitely stands out a bit more.


I've attached pictures of my wet hair, which I sent to Dr. Konior. My hair is pretty wavy and as a result, it looks a lot better dry and styled than when it's wet, which I'm thankful for. Any feedback/stories of people who had similar mpb would be appreciated.


Ideally, would like to do FUE but am open to FUT if my donor/thinning won't yield a decent result. Really not Love Konior's work and would ideally like to have him do the transplant, although Dr. Lorenzo also has some impressive results, although I do feel some of the hairlines are very swooping, at times. Also traveling back from Spain to the US after FUE does not sound that appealing.


Anyway, excited to post here and be a part of this community.





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Greetings fellow sufferer,


Myself also being 32 this year and seeing the hairline move back further month by month, I know where you're at.


For me it was a step to register to the forum after reading for many years. It felt like actually admitting to something that I have tried to deny to myself over the last few years. 1. I have hair loss and 2. It's occupying my mind every waken minute. So let's do something about it. While we're at least semi young.

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Welcome aboard, man. You're in great hands with Konior and I'm excited for the transformation that awaits you. You also seem to have a great attitude, which I believe is key in having a positive hair transplant experience and really helps put you in the right mindset for having a satisfactory outcome.


Avoid drunken brawls while you're recovering, especially. :D

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You look like a good candidate to me. You won’t find anyone better than Dr. Konior. If it bothers you, do something about it.

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I had my procedure at 32. It's a good age as you've got through your twenties without your hairloss advancing too aggressively. Regarding the overseas travel: that worried me but I tell you, it's so much easier than you'd think. I'd never flown transatlantic before but it was a breeze.

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Welcome thinninginthesouth :-)


Even though you are new, it seems like you've done your research already since you are already considering getting a hair transplant from some excellent doctors. Dr. Konior is outstanding and I actually just spoke with him the other day discussing the possibility of getting FUE in my crown area to add some thickening (even though I'm happy with my results). I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to go for a 5th hair transplant, but I am certainly considering it. In the meantime, I suggest consulting with the doctors and making a decision.


Best wishes,



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