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I find it very odd that your first several posts appear to be like a blatant advertisement for Dr. Shuja Chaudhry, who isn't very well known with very little examples of his work and results to be found online while your very next post is a criticism of Dr. Farjo, who is world renowned, is a member of our Coalition and has been proving that he performs state of the art hair transplant surgery with excellent results for over 10 years.


Frankly, everything in my gut tells me that you very likely affiliated with Dr. Chaudhry in some way and are simply badmouthing your competition in a very unethical manner.


While all members are welcome to share their genuine opinions about any and all hair transplant surgeons, it seems clear that your motives are far from genuine. Thus, we will not be allowing you to continue posting on this forum.





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There is no secret that physicians recommended by this community pay a small, monthly sponsorship fee to support our patient based community which keeps it running. This is publicly stated on our website. However, The physicians recommended by this community are carefully prescreened and recommended based on their high standards and dedication to state of the art hair transplant surgery. This includes providing ongoing evidence of producing outstanding results. See "How we recommend hair transplant surgeons" to learn more about our selection process.


Many physicians have been declined during the prescreening process because their results simply did not meet our standards. Others have been removed if too many problems were reported by patients. While it may not be a perfect process, we are very selective in who we recommend and we are quite confident that the surgeons we do recommend are performing state of the art hair transplant procedures with excellent results.


Best wishes,



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On 2/6/2018 at 6:19 PM, Brum1980 said:

I am currently in discussions to have FUE treatment (2000 grafts) with Dr Camilo Diaz. I am going it through Elite Hair Restoration based in Birmingham, but he also works for a few other companies and locations in the UK, including Birmingham City Hospital. Does anyone know if he is any good at FUE procedures?


I am looking to have my hair done at his Leamington Spa surgery.


I can not find reviews of him anywhere, so if anyone knows anything, I would very much welcome your comments.


Many thanks


HI, did you go through with the surgery? I did, am curious to know how it went for you. 



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