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Hello hope to get a little help :)

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Hello all, I need your help :)

Hello all I’m Eden.

I’m sorry if lots of people ask this question but I don’t know where to look for this answer.

I would like to do the best hair transplant I can get, I don’t want to take any risks and do it again after a year.

I’m 30 Y/O from the UK money or traveling isn’t a problem for me.

Im desperate to find the best artist in the world who would make my surgery.

I will really appreciate if people with experience here would give me a tip who is really the most professional from all.

Like I said, traveling is really not a problem for me.

Sorry if a lot of people post the same question.

I’m a healthy non smoking/drink person.

Daily exercise, perfect blood count.

I would post pictures of my scalp after shower.

I take propcia 1mg for over 12 years now

Multivitamin, drink 3 liters of water daily.

I don’t eat any junk or friend food.

I’m vegan already 4 years and never felt better.

Sleep 8 hours every night.

Soon I’ll post some pics of my scalp for more help.

BTW, I’m quite sure I’ll be needing at list 5000grafts.

Thank you again, your help is much appreciated!

Hope to help others as well in the future and show you all my journey.






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Since u in Europe there is a few top surgeons in ur area so take advantage of more affordable surgeons due to currency . do ur research Go to the recommended ones .. u can save a lot of money since u r going to need a a lot of grafts in life .. since ur thinning a lot already .. as of now 2500-3000 grafts to ur front half would make a nice cosmetic look for u. Then work ur way back to the crown in the future.. it’s better to frame ur face first with a nice hairline n coverage to the midscalp.. Rather than have a a megassession that spreads hair all over ur top n cause shock loss to ur native hair. U just end up having coverage but see through hair ..

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Thank you for the reply, like I said money it’s not an issue, I don’t want to save money, I really want the best artis who can work with a lot of grafts in a session.

Do you have maybe top names ? Dosnt meter the area even USA kanda Australia turkey :)

I will go to the best .

I don’t know if I should do fue or fut .

Thanks again!!!

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I’ don’t know of all the best surgeons like most of the other veteran members here .. I go off by what they say also .then I do my research on those doctors n see what their abilities are n if it suits my needs . . but I’m pretty sure there going to be people on here that’s going to give u their opinions about their favorite surgeons ..

I can only give u advice on what ur situation is and what ur game plan should be .. u will continue to thin out on top .. ur hair loss pattern is pretty evident .. it looks lke the horse shoe pattern in the future .. but at least ur donor on ur back n side is adequate , much better than some of the other people that has a similar pattern as urs .. n u still retaining hair up top for now .. so best u do the front hairline n midscalp.. n let ur native hair around the crown provide coverage until they are gone too .. there hope for ya..

If u want an artist .. then find a top surgeon for hairline work that gives u dense packing ..if u want a mega session to provide coverage , there are those too ..

me personally from what I read .. in the US. Hasson n wong for megasessions from Canada ..

Doctor diep in California for hairline work .. I’m getting a consultation from doctor diep in march myself .. but I’m only a Norwood 2 at 38 years old ..n want dense packing ..

Ur situation is different than mines. U need a megassion .. probably 2 to 3 in ur lifetime ..

So it’s best u pick someone that u plan on having a few transplants with that u can trust n build a relationship with ..

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Hi Artofeden,

Your loss looks similar to mine, albeit I'm 51.

If you want to stay in Europe, The top 3 surgeons / clinics I would only consider are -


Asmed in Turkey

BHR in Belgium

Lorenzo in Spain


Your problem is most on here will be biased towards clinics / Dr's they have used (as I am probably). This forum will provide you with all the answers, you just need to do some serious reading.

I chose Asmed, as I was unable to find a bad review, and they were able to offer a mega session of 5000 grafts in one go. Their prices at 2.5 Euros per graft are also excellent value for money compared to the UK and much of Western Europe.

Just one other thing to add, I've switched to Proscar (1.25mg) rather than the generic Fin (1mg), and it does appear to have improved my vertex area.

Your donor area is a limited resource, you cannot afford to get it wrong.

All above are just my thoughts, others will differ. Good luck in which ever direction you take.

5024 grafts with Asmed Clinic. Dr Koray 25th & 26th Oct 2017


Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others usually make no time to correct their own. –Art Janak




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Just due to the level of loss and your age, I think fut first is a necessity. If budget is not a concern and you're prepared to wait for the best fut doc on the planet. Then Dr Konior in Chicago in the US should be at the top of your list for a consult. There are other great fut options like Hasson or Wong in Vancouver, Rahal in Ottawa, Feriduni in Belgium that all have great aesthetic eyes and deliver top end results, you would be in amazing hands with any of them but if you said give me one name who does fut just a bit better than everyone else, it's Konior.

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