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Review Dr. Hakan Doganay / 2700 Grafts FUE

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I've been losing hair since I was 24. I used Propecia for some time and then switched to Minoxidil. Now at the age of 31 I have decided to do the hair transplant surgery. After extensive research on forums and YouTube the decision was made to do the surgery in Turkey with Dr Hakan Doganay at AHD. I currently live in London and the price difference was staggering. At the same time Dr. Doganay has good reviews.


Initially, I communicated over email with Mustafa who sometimes responded within hours and sometimes remained silent for a few days. In any case, we've decided to have the procedure done in mid-December so that I would have plenty of time to recover over the Xmas break.


Upon my arrival at Istanbul airport, I was met by the driver who took me to the hotel not far from the airport. It was a typical Holiday Inn. Breakfast and dinner was included for the duration of my stay. The next day I was taken from the hotel to the clinic which was also not far. After a brief consultation with the medical assistant and Dr.Doganay himself I was shaved and taken straight to the procedure room. I must say that while the Doctor didn't speak much English he was always asking me (through his assistant) if I had any questions which was reassuring given that he was about to punch 2 thousand holes in my head.


Probably the most painful part of the procedure was when I was given local anaesthesia. The rest of the procedure was painless. I've spent 6 hours on the first day (1300 grafts) and another 5/6 hours on the second day (1400 grafts). I was told that splitting the procedure between two days allowed for faster turn-around-time between extracting and planting so that the follicles didn't spend too much time being out. On Day 3 I was given my medication and was shown how to wash my hair properly. The first 5-6 nights after the surgery I felt discomfort and my head was itching for the first two weeks.


In my third week after the surgery the only thing that was still bothering me was that my donor area was somewhat numb (which faded around 1 month after the surgery). Other than that, everything felt and looked normal. Luckily I didn’t experience almost any shedding at all.


Now, one year later I’m very happy with the result. In my case, there was no noticeable difference since month 6 or so since I didn’t go through the shedding phase after the surgery.


When I need to do the next transplant (as my hair continue to fall out in the non-transplanted areas) I would not hesitate to go with Dr. Doganay again.






Right after:




3 Weeks after:



3 Months after:



6 Months after:

I didn't take any pictures, but since there was no shock loss, it was almost the same as what you see for 1 year after.


1 Year after:











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