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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration Patient AVZ was a Norwood Class 6 before his hair transplant with fine salt and pepper hair, with a donor density of 2.0mm2 and a slight wave. His results photos were taken after 2 sessions totaling 3,941 follicular unit grafts.










Before / After:





Before Hair Transplant





After One Hair Transplant





Detail of Hairline:





Before Transplant





Position of Hairline





Placement of Grafts





1 Year After 1st Hair Transplant





Position of Planned Hairline for 2nd Session





After 2nd Hair Transplant




See patients with similar characteristics in the Bernstein Medical photo galleries:





Additional Resources:



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Thank you. I like that case with older (sorry) patients. It shows all the 20 year olds out there that you still care. You care in any age!

Just one question: 2.0 FU or hair per mm2 ? 80 FU / cm2 is somehow average. 2.0 FU / mm2 would sound very high.

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