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Newbie some advice please

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Hi guys


I am sure this has been asked before, so apologies if I cover old ground. I'm looking at getting an FUE hair transplant as dont have much hair left which affects me every day, In terms of researching surgeons what are the key things I need to understand and ask.

I have seen some awesome results advertised with cases of patients with far worse results than mine coming out with results that I would be over the moon with? Is that all photoshopped or can good solid results be achieved. Any advice on things to ask and decent surgeons would be helpful. I am based in the UK but am looking at Turkey for the transplant.



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Some people do get amazing results and some don't. Yes some people post manipulative photo's. Be careful of peoples agendas on any hair transplant site. A lot of these guys work for certain doctors so their biased.


Post some pics for real advice on your own situation.

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