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Dr. Hasson and Topical Fin

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I read an article on the hairloss cure by 2020 site that's titled "Dr. Hasson Ditches Oral Finasteride."


Since this is out there in kind of a big way now, I didn't contact the center directly and thought that maybe one of the reps would want to expand on what that means.


Has there been a benefit to this for patients that have been on fin for some time?

Is he not prescribing it old patients that are doing well on it?

How would you persuade someone to justify the cost difference? etc.


Also, how accurate is the article? Did he really ditch oral fin or is he just making it more available as a choice?

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First of all, this is a very strange forum. Strange that nobody is replying to this. Hasson claims the topical has been altered to not go systemic.


I've read that Hasson will sell to anyone with a script from a Canadian doctor--even if you're American. Anybody know a doc in a hub city or border town who will write the script for an American? I'd really like to go up and get this knocked out.


Second: mods, i am jackisback1 but I can't reactivate my account.

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For me personally, topical finasteride didn’t work - Been on it for a year and still have one more bottle to go.


Very much agree with what bill2833 is saying, I couldn’t find many reviews on the topical treatment anywhere. Had to see for myself.


Overall, there was no side effects nor any improvement i could see. I thought it was a safer option, that’s why i went for it.

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