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DR. Radha 3463 Grafts FUT

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I Finally did it, Im in pain and i feel disfigured and a little jet lagged but i know that this was the only way to have a chance of breaking out of the reclusive way of life i have been living for these last 5 or 6 years.

i chose to go with Dr. radha because of all the research and advise i had read from this forum, i hope it is going to be worth it and i am trying not to even think of the possibility that this transplant will fail.

Dr. radha was the nicest person i have ever met and she listened to all my concerns and i believe she gave her absolute best effort she could for this transplant.

As you can probably tell from the photos she added more density to the frontal hairline because of the fact that i previously had smp performed and the goal was to have the front dense enough so the smp isnt so noticable.

Im hoping the number of grafts implanted into the area she worked on is going to be a good enough density for me to be happy.

i will keep posting updates in future...





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Looks like really clean work and great plan for you. This should look great. Please keep updating us on your progress. Best of luck!

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