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Progress thread... ASMED Dr. Erdogan 2nd NOVEMBER 2017

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Sorry I haven’t been too active, purely because I am not fussed about my hair anymore! Attached are my 8 month results which is from today... 

im happy with the result, one side is stronger then the other but I guess it’s still quite early days, I’d like a bit more density in the middle of my hairline as it’s always been weak but let me know what you think! 







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12 month update

im happy with it, but feel like I’m still expecting more? 

I know he’s made the dip on the right side for a more natural look, but I think I’d rather it be straighter now! And it’s a bit weak in the middle of my hairline











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Looks very good man, for the amount of grafts you had done, density looks good but I do see your point about the left side towards the center, that area going by your photos doesn’t looks as strong as your right side but you still have up to 6 more months or more of possibly more improvement.

thanks for updating!

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Looks to me like different technicians implanted the left and right sides of your hairline and/or that the quality of the grafts differed as between the two sides. I think you could use a small session touchup of the left side of your frontal hairline. Otherwise, your transplant looks great.

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Hey bro thanks for sharing your journey so far. Have you thought of contacting them and asking for the free touch up they are supposed to give out to underwhelming results? The hole in your hairline isn't good enough by them in my opinion.

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