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Hair transplant restoration surgery result on client with advance hair loss Norwood 4/5 hair during 1 year follow up after 5,152 hair grafts transplant from the front to the back by Dr. Diep.


Hair Grafts Break Down of 5,152 hair grafts:


One hair roots: 786 hair grafts

Two hair roots: 2,862 hair grafts

Three hair roots: 1,103 hair grafts

Four hair roots: 401 hair grafts


To view this client in detail, please click on the following Youtube video link











Dr. John Diep is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Agreed, that coverage is fantastic also that 'zig-zagging' hairline design really looks natural, I wonder if other clinics will adopt that.

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Doc that looks like a NW6 all day to me - his entire top is thinning very hard. he might even be on track to be a norwood 7


good coverage considering the extreme balding

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