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Dr. Pathomvanich VS Dr. Laorwong : Advice Needed Please

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Hi Everyone,


OK - so I have been going through this forum for the last few hours. I have searched on Google for mentions of both these doctors on the forums and have pretty much read every single thread possible.


Here's what I've learnt so far:


1. Dr. Laorwong is a former student of Dr. Pathmvanich.

2. It seems that Dr. Laorwong does many more FUE treatments than Dr. Pathmvanich.

3. Dr. Laorwong was recommended by this forum only this year.

4. Dr. Laorwong seems to have more recent reviews from threads on this forum.

5. Dr. Pathmvanich has reviews and threads which date back quite some time, so seems to have a lot of experience.


On the whole - both doctors seem to be reviewed quite well.


So here's my question - who should I choose?!


I definitely want to do it in BKK because I'm in Oz and can get there quickly and cheaply.


I am leaning towards FUE because I don't really like the idea of a long scar on the back of my head, as I wear my hair quite short.


A little about me : 35, Asian decent, thinning only at the crown. I would say I am a Norwood III.


Any recommendation of which Dr to choose would be great! Please don't answer; 'it all depends' Because that doesn't help me! If you think it depends on something then tell me what it depends on and give options dependant on the things it depends on (if that makes sense?! :) )


Thank you!

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    • Fine hair gives you more naturalness. The other advantage you have is the fact you have blond hair. No contrast.  My major concern is a medical regimen.  Are you using anything?
    • Hello, I have 2 options for FUE surgery, beginning of November with Dr Erkan Demirsoy in Istanbul (3500-4000 grafts), or Dr Khaled Meddeb in Tunis end of February (2500-3000 grafts). Price and travel is not a problem. I have a slight preference for Dr Meddeb but it's kind of annoying to wait for 6 months, plus that means my hair will be all ugly starting in spring and, I am afraid, for all summer. Would 3 and half more months make a difference? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
    • What you said makes complete sense!!!! That’s exactly how my doctor thinks. I just thought after 2 passes I would achieve my goal. I do have fine hair which does not help but on the other hand light hair and skin does help my donor area not looking to bad. I was kinda worried about taking another 2000 grafts out not sure what I would have left after that but hopefully it will be enough that even if I lose more I will have enough transplant to be content. 
    • I would not be surprised if, whomever has an Artas machine, uses it for marketing purposes only.  It does attract many people and-in a way- does advertise the idea that they are keeping with the times. Once there for consult, however, they will try to push something else...FUT, FUE or whatever technique they are using. I think most in the industry realize that science has a long way to go.  While I appreciate the fact the staff does not get tired, neither does the machine, this industry needs the human touch.  The doctor and the clinical staff can "see."  The machine can't.   There are a number of factors involved and I can gladly walk you through them if you wish.....
    • In the old days, when I first came into the industry the global idea involved leaving a separation in between grafts.  The concern was mainly grafts competing for blood supply. Thus, a patient would do a procedure and 4-12 months later he would return to fill in the gaps.  To have a full set of hair, 3 procedures of about the same number of grafts was required.  So, each procedure would do about 30% density.  Further, a front would take 1200 grafts, the top, (middle area), would take 1200 grafts, and the back area  would take 1200 grafts.  Thus, if we were to apply this same concept to you.... a case of about 2400 grafts would give you that third procedure, and - by definition - fuller density....but.... You seem to have a very conservative hairline.  So 2000-2200 grafts?  Like I've told patients in the past, do as many grafts as you can afford - based on whatever the recommendation of the doctor is. Something to keep in mind is elasticity.  I realize you've done FUE...But a couple of things to consider.  FUT is in play given you keep your hair on the lengthier side.  You've had no FUT before so your elasticity should be intact.  Typically the cost is less and you can always put FUE grafts on the scar in the future. I would at least, so you can discuss all your options, talk to the doctor and see what he says and recommends. Are you doing any medical therapy to help you retain the native stuff?  Remember, if you've lost - you will continue losing.  A shame to have to return multiple times to replace what you just lost.  
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