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My good experience with Dr. Devroye in Belgium

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My HT experience with Dr.Devroye,

On the 15th of Oct 2017, I arrived at Dr. Devroye's office in Belgium. The clinic generally provides two-day accommodation, the day before and day post op.

The room was nice and cozy, with everything you would need post operation. Including an electric incline bed that can get to 45 degrees.

When I settled down that evening, Dr. Devroye came to welcome me and offered to make the consultation the same night before we go to surgery the following day. Then in his office, we discussed his technique and drew a hairline that I was pleased with.

The following morning, we had a small breakfast, and I was called again to Dr. Devroye's office, there they took some pre-op photos, we agreed on 2000 grafts in the front/ temple area, and he drew a new detailed hairline. I was sure I will need to play with the final hairline result to be satisfied, however, the Dr understood exactly in the consultation what I expected of the surgery and I liked the first option presented to me.

The operation started with anesthesia, the most uncomfortable part of the day. Then he started with removing the grafts.

There was another patient with me this day, and Dr. Devroye switched between me and the other patient. when he was busy with the other patient, my grafts were removed by another surgeon lady that works with Dr. Devroye. she seemed experienced and professional. We had a one hour break at 13:00, and finished removing the grafts at around 15:00. Then I got more anesthesia in the front hairline and Dr.Devorye started creating the new hairline with a small needle, when he finished, The technicians placed the grafts for the next few hours.

The work was done at around 21:00. The final number grafts placed where 2395 grafts.

When the day came to an end, I received a few creams, a lotion spry (spry needed to be used only on the first night) and full instructions by the nurse of what do to and how.

The following day, we had breakfast, they performed a wash and I was sent home

I have to point out the wonderful work I got from the team and Dr. Devroye, they were super friendly and helpful with all my questions and making the procedure a piece of cake, It is encouraging to see how much effort the staff and the Dr's invest in the patient, hopefully for the best results in the future.


I am currently one-week post op. I have asked Dr. Devroye to send the pictures he took pre and post op, I am also adding a pictures one week post (some white shedding atm) and the healing prosses. will keep on updating

Hope this helped you guys,






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Hey guys,

It's been 7 months since my procedure, I cant tell you how much I'm pleased with the results. I also need to mention the great service Dr.Devroye and his team gave, with monthly emails asking for my recovery and the progress. Thank you.


See picture below.








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