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3070 grafts FUT 2.5 year update

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Hi all. Its been 2.5 years since I got my FUT HT done and I want to share my experience with everyone.


I got my HT at " Seager Hair Transplant" based in Toronto. My surgeon was Dr. Nelson Ferreira. I got 3070 grafts. My procedure took about 9 hours. It was a good experience as I was offered lunch and got to watch a few movies during the procedure.


My progress was a usual one. There was very little progress in the first 3 months but right after hitting the 4.5 month mark, my hair grew dramatically. In my opinion my transplanted hair were fully grown in 10 months and honestly I haven't noticed much of an improvement after that. There might have been some improvement in hair texture. I am posting some progress photos as well as a few before and after photos for comparison. Thank you all.













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Fabulous result! I love the way you ve greyed out. Not for everyone may be. But, I find it very Regal!


what a jump from 4 months to 5 months.. congrats on the great result


Yeah, he has catapulted from the 4th month to the 5th. Exiting, as those are the months I am due to face.

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Various factors are responsible for the result to be good or bad. It is difficult to address their relative relevance as such. There has to be balance between all the factors (from optimal storage solution during the surgery to diet plan before and after the surgery).

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