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Got Astonishing Result of 3270 FUT Grafts at Medispa, Jaipur with Dr Suneet Soni

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I have started the hair loss problem very early around 23 years-old. I was continuously losing my hair and the picture of baldness became a severe one that made me disturbed, which affected my personal as well as the professional life. A number of times I dropped the decision to get the hair transplant procedure because many times I heard about the failure of the procedure and in my case, I genetically received the problem of Androgenic alopecia. Previously, my uncle got his hair transplant procedure in 2014, which was done by one of the clinics in Turkey and the results were not satisfactory as the hairline placement was not natural, which made him so worried and after hearing this I had been in the dilemma about the procedural success.


I would like to share my experience in such a reputed platform from where I got many information and knowledge about the hair transplant procedure, their result and the name of the Surgeons, who has done a great job in this field. I was desperately looking for a good Surgeon for the treatment and a set of works and research has played a crucial role in identifying the best Surgeon for the procedure. I have been quite happy & a lucky one to get the best Surgeon, who is from India itself. And, saved me from decoying by the abroad Doctors and unwanted cost of the procedure.


One of my close friends has supported me a lot in order to evaluate the decision and motivated me for the procedure as his uncle had the same problem and underwent the hair transplant procedure with Dr Suneet 3 years back and received a very good result. His result helped me a lot about understanding the thing!


I have gone through both the online and offline medium to know about the procedure, the results of the procedure on a number of patients and I was focused on my country because I already had an idea about the abroad. I have checked many Clinics and Surgeons in India and to some extent, the leading restoration sites, societies, and network helped me a lot to find out a good hair transplant Doctor and Hair Restoration Network is one of them!


I have seen, read and heard about the Dr Suneet Soni’s work and meet some patients personally to know about the restoration result and have been quite satisfied. And finally, I have chosen Dr Suneet Soni for my hair transplant procedure.

The procedure I went through took about 8 hours and done with the FUT technique at his Medispa, Jaipur Centre. The procedure is done for my grade III-IV baldness as Dr Suneet Sir let me informed during the pre-procedure consultation. I have received around 3270 hair grafts that covered my top and front portion fully.


My Hair Transplant Session by Dr Suneet Soni in 2015 performed with implantation of 3750 FUT grafts. My procedure was a completely painless and was very natural as Dr Suneet uses the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure. The clinic environment was really appreciable as the surroundings were quite favorable and they maintained the American standard of the parameter. Previously, I was scared about the surgical pain and scar, but what I received with Dr Suneet was without any pain and discomfort.


I just want to express the fact that the procedure experience of my hair transplant at Medispa was quite comfortable and full of facilities and a regular check-up about the clinical safety concerns and hygienic measure is being a pretty sure for the hair transplant success, which I got here. I had received a lot more than my expectation and the Surgeon’s skills and precision of making the hairline design are no doubt quite appreciable. My procedure was a painless and without any hassle as it took around 8 hours only to complete the procedure and next day of the procedure after receiving the first head-wash at the clinic, I returned to my job.


After a Year of my Procedure

The regrowth of hair started within the 3 months, which took around 9 months to take an aesthetic length to show the effect of the procedure. It’s been complete a year to receive my hair transplant procedure. My hair growth is absolutely visible with dense-covered front and top of the scalp, which is now full of hair and all this credit goes to Dr Suneet Soni & his Medispa team.


I am quite happy with my procedure as I received a head full of hair with 3270 FUT grafts. And, my top, front and scalp area is now full of hair without having any scar at the back sides of the scalp because they have given me the Trichophytic closure, which leaves no scar at all.

I vote to Dr Suneet’s skills and dedication, which made a proud for being an Indian and for all Indian.









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