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Good day to everyone. Today we wish to present a hair restoration repair case using Medikemos all manual FUE performed personally by Dr. Lupanzula only.


This patient presented with diffused NW5A pattern thinning along with previous FUE work having been performed with large punches and the grafts had been placed at a low density. The result was an unnatural aspect which the patient wished to correct.


Dr. Lupanzula performed all of the scoring and extraction with his "doctor only" all manual FUE approach. Once the grafts were extracted, the team dissected and refined the grafts using microscopes. All grafts were finally placed into incisions made by Dr. Lupanzula.


This result is two and a half years after the procedure. The patient is very happy with this final outcome, as are we.


Dr Lupanzula E.

MeDiKemos Hair Transplantation


Dr. Emorane Lupanzula is recommended on Hair Transplant Network


Email: info@medikemos.com

Telephone: + 32 2 535 55 40

Website: http://fuehairdoctor.co.uk/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MHairTransplantation

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