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Michael Vories, MD

Michael Vories, MD FUE 2000 Grafts

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This 25 year old patient came in for his 6 month follow up after receiving 2000 FUE grafts into his hairline and bilateral apex areas. Because of his age we suggested the use of finasteride and minoxidil, which he continues to take. A 0.75 mm surrounded sharp punch was used for extraction, and grafts were placed with Hans Lion Implanters. Full facial images are used with patient's consent. All grafts were harvested and placed by Dr. Vories.











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Nice results in 6 months Dr. Vories, but I'm really not surprised. Wow...the sharp punches keep getting smaller. Good for you....and especially good for your patient. I see no discernible scarring from the 0.80 mm punch (0.75...is even better). Also, when I hear from prospective clients of yours....they often mention that they are glad you are extracting and implanting all the grafts yourself.

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