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1922 FUE - Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic

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Please see below a case result of 1922 FUE. The patient had diffuse hair loss that was primarily situated in the frontal area. We added density and also lowered and rebuilt his hairline slightly.


Every graft was checked under a microscope prior to insertion.


The after pictures have been sent by the patient.


Graft breakdown:


1 hair - 472

2 hair - 836

3 hair - 590

4 hair - 24


Total: 1922 FUE


Before & Afters (12 months)







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Dr. Bisanga,


No more receding hairline for this guy at all :-). The results look great and with so few grafts used, he has plenty left in the tank for the future if he needs them. Keep up the great work.


Best wishes,



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