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This 48-year-old woman lost much of her hair 10 years ago in the frontal region (forehead and temporal areas). She can be seen before and only 7 months after a 1935 graft FUT session with Dr. Wesley.


The purpose of this session was to create a healthy framing of her face. During the process of early growth (prior to a year post transplantation), the design can be heightened by the use of a scalp concealing powder (as she is using in this image). This new framing of her face has allowed her to wear her hair in virtually any style that she chooses!












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I'm also unable to see any images. I went into the edit window to look for any links for attachments and I don't see any.

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The pictures show up fine for me.


EDIT: I Tried saving one to my hard drive and it has .jpg.pdf at the end so I'm guessing the double extension may be causing some browsers some trouble.

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