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Dr. William Lindsey

5 years out from FUE/MFUE Dr. Lindsey plus hair greed!

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So our very interesting and fun patient sent another email, now 6 months...that's right...6 months...out from his latest procedure saying he's ready for more hair.




We go back 5 years with this guy, and I initially recommended 2 strip cases. If we'd have done that, he'd likely have been "done" (although maybe not...he is hair greedy!), years ago. As it was, he was sure he always wanted a crew cut, so we did LOTS of FUE.




We got him to where he wanted...nice crew cut up top, no donor depletion or significant scarring in the back. Then what happened??? He wants more hair. Eventually it just got difficult to do more extractions....FUE definitely causes LOTS of subcutaneous scar tissue that limits future removal without avulsing roots. Nobody but Dr. Feller talks about that, but its absolutely true, and obviously more in some people than others.




Well anyway we needed to switch to MFUE after starting a low yield FUE due to that scar tissue. Obviously we got near strip quality grafts and he loved the extra hair. And then he wanted another. SO 6 months ago we did another and that is likely JUST STARTING TO GROW...but he's ready to schedule more. Now lots of guys are like this....you have to wait for a variety of reasons...healing, to know where to put hair, to make sure things worked.... But I know this guy well, he'll be in next spring and we'll see what if anything we need to do. Actually I'll try to push him out 18 months to let him get the max out of the last case before we contemplate anything else. I think we're near the point of diminshing returns for future endeavors. He knows that.




Hair greed hits most people. I put up a female video this week...she has it. Many men get it. And at the end of the video Wendy comments on a senior military guy on whom we did a scar repair (surgery by well known clinic elsewhere 5 years ago), just last month. I talked with him for 2 months about how I though he should get more hair and scar repair now. He was SURE he'd never want hair, just wanted his scar better. He came in Wednesday with a buzz cut, an ALMOST indetectable scar, and brought up "when can we schedule a strip case?" My initial answer was...30 days ago...




So if you're hit with hair greed, you're in good company.




The video is:





Dr. Lindsey

William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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