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Young African American Patient Gets Bad Hair Tattoo Repair by Dr. UGraft

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In this case Dr. Umar repaired a bad hair tattoo using a FUE hair transplant using his Dr.UGraft technique on an African-American patient from Los Angeles, CA. The individual had previously experienced a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) in an effort to restore his temples and hairline.




Before the patient visited Dr. Umar, he'd undergone a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) process by a different practitioner. The individual was unhappy with the outcomes of the SMP for 2 reasons: 1) the pigment had been put within his receding temples, leading to a noticeable gap 2) the pigment was deposited to deep which can turn green or blue.


Overall, this compelled his SMP to appear incredibly unrealistic. The patient had originally sought out scalp micropigmentation since as an African American, he did not believe he is a candidate for a hair transplant. Unhappy with his appearance, he scheduled an interview with Dr. Umar to explore his options for repairing his botched tattooed toenails.




Dr. Umar used his patented Dr.UPunch Rotor to carry out the FUE hair transplant on the patient. Because the individual is African-American he usually would not be the right candidate for a conventional FUE hair transplant, which could only be achieved effectively on patients with straight or wavy hair. However, the groundbreaking Dr.UPunch tool allows for FUE on all hair types.




Dr. Umar used his Dr.UGraft Revolution system to not only fix the terrible hair tattoo, but also revive the individual's hairline and general hair density... all with just 1375 grafts. The patient was ecstatic with his results.


For More Information About This Bad Hair Tattoo Patient CLICK HERE.

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