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2500 Grafts with Dr Suneet Soni at Medispa, Jaipur, India

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Hello friends, I am Sunita, a 29-years-old lady brought up from Kerala and living in Canada. I had a broad forehead since childhood. My friend always used to tease me for having such a broad forehead, then, I used to choose the particular hairstyle to hide my wider forehead. Since I born with the wide forehead rather than a normal female pattern of frontal hairline, which generally started from the very bottom of the frontal part. Being a girl it is important to look beautiful and hair is an important asset in this thread to look naturally beautiful. I was compelled to make the same style every time that made me fed up as it was needed to change the style as according to occasions. Thus, I have decided finally to get a hair transplant treatment suggested by my mom.


I am fortunate that I had no sign, symptom or a factual cause of the genetic baldness as my family history is free from any kind of hair loss/baldness issue. I just had a wider forehead, which was not looking good because it has been seen that the female hairline design is different, started from the very bottom of the forehead. I was born to have a wider forehead and it makes me look awkward. I was unable to maintain any style of hair as most of the haircuts needing a forehead full of hair then and that gives a pleasing look.


I go through the many hair restoration forums, blogs and platforms in finding a good hair transplant Surgeon and my search got stopped with the hair restoration network when I got amazed by seeing the results of Dr Suneet Soni on their patients. It has been a quite sure feeling about the results after getting so much positive feedback from the patients for Dr Soni.


Next day, I called to Dr Suneet Soni’s clinic, Medispa hair transplant Centre and asked for the appointment. And, booked a ticket to Jaipur. Since I live in Canada, reached 6 days before to city, Jaipur to get aware of the Clinic location and the City beauty even though the Clinic staff suggested me to reach 3 days prior to the procedure in Clinic for a proper pre-procedure test and check-up.


At the time of assessment, Dr Suneet Soni properly checked my forehead condition and recommended me the FUT technique to cover the wider forehead with the hairs. After asking about the technique, Dr Suneet Soni explained me that, it is a way of extracting the hair roots from the donor location if performed by the FUT means excision of the strip doesn’t involve the shaving of the scalp and it will be easier to get the procedure done. And, it is the merit of this technique that females can also go for the procedure without the hesitation about being shaved to the scalp. The Doctor said that 2200-2500 grafts are needed to give a dense frontal look by the FUT technique in which they used my back portion of the scalp for the strip excision to get the hair grafts. The procedure was started with the dose of the local anesthesia followed by the slit making process in which Dr Suneet make and target the implantation points to make the procedure done with the shifting of hair roots to that localized zone. And, the whole procedure was full of comfort and free from any kind of pain. It’s been a year of my procedure and there is no stitch scar at all on my back sides of the scalp from where the hair roots are extracted for the procedure. Since the Surgeon uses the advanced closing technique, named a Trichophytic closure after knowing with a dialogue, Doctor explained to me that it is a new technique that leaves zero score.


I must say that it was such a kind of a beauty salon appointment where a lady goes to receive a spa-like things and my hair transplant procedure was very much similar to that, except the performing hand of the expert surgeon was there rather than a beauty specialist. It was a quite comfortable session as I felt neither the pain nor discomfort during both the pre- & postoperative steps. I received a gentle care and support from the Medispa team at every step of my procedure. The allotted room was quite comfortable and clean as well as the graft cutting room was fully equipped with a multiple number of the microscopes. After asking about their applicability, one of the technicians were told me that it helps during the graft dissection process in order to avoid the damage rate. Meanwhile, I got to know that the procedure of hair restoration is how much pr?cised and a concerning job for the cosmetic surgeon and not to some extent, it is greatly decided by the Surgeon’s artistic skills and precision of presenting a hairline design that gets a more weighted rather than any other beauty treatment affects the overall individual looks and the beauty ultimately!


It has been a year after getting my procedure and now I am enjoying the dense frontal look with the forehead full of hair with all the natural effect and growth. :)


I am overwhelmed with the result as I attained the beautiful look :) and it’s all because of Dr Suneet pr?cised & skilled job. My thanking note to Suneet Sir from the core of my heart and his Medispa team.











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Dr. Soni gave you a beautiful new hairline! Really frames your face nicely and looks like the density is matched well.

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