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Expectations for 35 year old (Norwood 5) considering fue 2500 grafts

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Hi i am considering fue procedure with a renowned hair transplant clinic.

Plan is to have 2500 grafts for now & future procedure if needed. Based on pic provided, what should be my expectation? Only front 3rd portion will be used to place grafts. What portion will get full hair. Will it look weird when future hair loss happens. Am i even a good candidate for transplant as mine look like advanced stage of norwood chart. I am 35, not 5 of corse.





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You have advanced thinning, recreating your hairline can be achieved with 2500, but the density will probably be pretty thin.


Depending on your donor availability, it may take two or three procedures to reframe your face and give it a satisfying density, and you may have to be willing to live with a thin or bald crown.

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And my question would be, are you taking low dose finasteride?


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So I'm assuming the five-year-old thing was a mistake, but at the end you corrected yourself so I don't know why you didn't just change the topic. That said, I changed the topic for you to 35 years old and a Norwood five so that it makes more sense. That said, I think 2500 grafts will help but since you do seem to have advanced thinning, I agree that you may need to focus on the frontal zone.


Best wishes,



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