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Help/Advice for a young system wearer.

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Hi guys,



I am 23 years old, and I have recently had a hair system fitted. I originally went to visit Doctor Bisanga in Brussels, and he advised me that this would be the best option for my current situation as I'm still a little too young to delve into a hair transplant.


The system looks great, and it makes a huge difference to my appearance! :) Soon, I shall be starting university, and I need some help regarding my hair system (please :D)


- Is there a particular product that is okay to style your system with? I have just been using a basic hairspray, but I'm afraid in case it damages the hair.


- The general hold of the system is good, but the hairline, back and edges around the head appear to always come loose/flap out a bit. You can't notice, but of course I personally can. What can I do about this?


- How often should you wash your system? I have been washing it once per week, is that too little?


- I would really appreciate any tips that you can give to me about longevity and maintaining the system to help it last longer and not to damage the hair. :confused: It's a lace system by the way.


- I also go to the gym and play football (soccer), so I'm hoping that these activities will be okay and my system will be fine.


Thank you, and I would be incredibly grateful for any feedback.

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I wash my system about once or twice a week and that seems fine. I put product in my system which makes it look good but starts to shed overtime. My system looks good with the product but I get about 3 months of wear due to the system shedding over time. I have heard using knot sealer when a system is new can decrease shedding. Some people use a leave in conditioner to keep the hair looking good but some are better than others from what I hear. I believe one I used caused some fading on a system before. I hope that helps.

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You will get more help researching a hair system website forum. Try Nothrwest Lace forum. There are a few wearers here, but they already have a lot of info on your questions on there.

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I use regular pomade and paste to style my system. It doesnt seem to negatively effect it. I tend to avoid hair hairsprays as they can leave it dry and brittle from past experience.


You can touch up with liquid glue or a narrow bit of tape as I do.


As its not natural grow hair with similar oils, shampoo once a week is fine. If you live in a hot climate and are very active (sweating 2 or more times a week) then you can wash twice. You can run water through more regularly if you want.


Some lace can be fragile, be careful not to pull the system off without it being loosened first. Avoid hot sunlight for prolong periods which will lighten the hair or heating the hair with straighteners or dyers. Avoid pull the hair when running hands through it, which I use to do at first before I got use to it.


Stark is correct you can seal knots, though I don't but currently I havent experienced sheeding with this piece, though in hte past in can happen after month 8 or 9.


Buy good quality grooming products; shampoo, combs, brushes and styling products.


Try to deep moisturise the hair once a month once a few month in. Its easier with 2 units to alternate.


Sport is fine. I am a regular sweat bucket at the gym myself and Im in month 12 with current piece.

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