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Hi All,


I'm 28 Years old guy from India. I've been losing hair since I was 23. As of now hair on temple region totally gone and hair on crown area severely diffusing and hair is thinning on entire front area. you can look at pictures for full details.


A little family background. There is no baldness in my family and in close relatives. My father has some recession in temple area but overall has thick hair. Maternal and paternal uncles have full head of hair.


Now I'm thinking of getting hair transplant done in India by FUT surgery(Can't afford best doctors abroad). Here is a list of questions:


1. Which norwood scale my hair loss fall under?

2. How many grafts of hair would I need in frontal area and in Crown area (There is no baldness in crown, just diffused with thinning)

3. Is it wise to hair transplant in thinning frontal area which has hair but thinning.

4. Which are one of the best doctors in India for FUT procedure & how much do they charge per grafts?

5. Do hair transplant surgeons give discount if someone is a bit tight on budget.

6. If I need lots of grafts then should I go for one mega session or 2 different procedure with medium no of grafts per inch?

7. How many grafts per inch should I go for best result and graft survival?


There is a little video clip if you want to see more details.



Thank you all in advance.















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You've retained a pretty good frontal tuft. However, it's clear that you're in for much more hair loss in the future. It's tough to say just how much but I'd say Norwood VI is a good bet.


I see from your profile that you use minoxidil. In my opinion, you should seriously consider adding finasteride to your regimen. This will help to retain your existing hair and might even regrow hair, requiring fewer grafts to achieve your goals.


I don't like to quote graft numbers as I think this is best left to hair restoration physicians after a consultation because there are several factors to consider including your own goals/desires. There is a very general rule that says you can expect to use about 1,000 grafts per Norwood classification. However, hair caliber, skin and hair color and other factors will influence this.


Here is a link to all of the hair transplant surgeons we recommend in India. Most of these surgeons perform both Strip and FUE.


Surgeons vary in how they charge. Some will offer discounts beyond a certain number of grafts. You'll need to discuss this with the individual clinics. Likewise, the number of grafts you can get in a single procedure will depend upon the clinic. Not all patients are suitable for a mega-session and not all clinics are equipped to perform them.


I'm sorry I can't be more specific but I think it's best to discuss these details with doctors for the best answers.

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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I'm not an expert but you seem to be looking for answers that only a qualified hair transplant doctor can give. But, as an anonymous poster, I'm happy to give you my opinion:


Looks like you're gonna lose all your hair eventually from your crown to your hairline. Maybe you'll keep the mid-scalp, to wind up being a NW 5. Def, propecia would help maintain the hair you have. I personally could not handle the sides but if you can take it just fine then you should, since you have tons of hair to lose.


I would recommend getting an HT ASAP. Just because 85% of people's main regret is always not getting one sooner. You could get one tomorrow and in six months time have amazing perfect hair. Then you could lose some more hair and have to get another one a couple of years down the line. OR you could not get one, still lose that hair and then start the process then, never having great hair. So getting it ASAP is always a no brainer to me.


You've got GREAT donor hair from what I see in the pictures, and your sides are gonna remain pretty high which is really good. If I was you, which I'm not nor am I a medical professional, I'd start by getting 2000 - 2500 grafts to give yourself a respectable mature hairline PLUS temple points which are receding.


Then wait a year, and use 500 grafts to touch that up, plus put 1000-1500 in the crown. Then just wait for the rest of your hair to fall out and get your third HT when the time comes years down the line. You may need a fourth one 15 years from now, or maybe there will be something else by then, but you'll have had great hair the entire time.

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