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best hair systems and best service in the UK by far!!

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I have been losing my hair since I was 19 and have been wearing hair Systems for the last 18 years, and have been to all the well known companies all over the whole of the UK as well as USA and Canada.


I have been did previously use Hair4all and but left for various reasons that I wont go into, and have been going to a company called Optima in Birmingham for the last 12 months.


The experience and the service I have received from all the guys at Optima have really been second to none.


Their systems were brilliant, very natural, longer lasting and much cheaper than any of the others.

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Thanks, however without photos and a link to their Facebook page, this looks like a marketing add rather than a legitimate experience. If you are a legitimate customer, I suggest posting before and after pictures of your own scalp, including actually applying the hairpiece with instructions. This is not a venue to promote products but a platform for patients to share their genuine experience good or bad.


Best wishes,



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