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1303 FUT Hairline by Dr. Gabel, 9 Months

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Well, I'm hitting the 9-month mark right about now. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm deployed to the Middle East area at the moment, it makes things kind of difficult as far as communications, internet, etc...


Anyway, the first and second pics are from a few weeks ago in Sri Lanka; there was a huge flood, and we were called in for emergency relief efforts (giving food, water, cleaning out flooded/contaminated wells, etc.) In the first pic I am helping clean out the flood debris from a temple that doubles as a grade school. In the second I am sunburned and sweaty, drinking a sweet nectar from some kind of indigenous fruit type thing that the locals gave us.


Third pic is me in the middle of the Arabian Desert outside Abu Dhabi.


The fourth and fifth ones are of me in a rare few moments of free time, doing what Sailors do: Getting drunk. At a resort hotel in Abu Dhabi. Sorry for the crappy quality on these last two - I'll have to get around to taking some better up-close ones with good lighting, although as can be gleaned from all these pictures, my hairline is looking very good! The doc worked his magic once again for sure!


The final pic is me on my ship wearing a harness and also filthy and sunburned (this happens a lot right now), about 60 feet up on the main mast working on cleaning the dust from the Arabian Gulf off of the various communications antennas.







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Congrats on your progress! Looks great!


More importantly, thank you for your service.


Be safe dude

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