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Finasteride effectiveness as you age?

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Hi guys, can anyone comment on whether finasteride can stop working as you age, resulting in accelerated hairloss?


I've been using the drug since I was 25, am now 39. I'm freaking out a little because I've very noticeably been losing a lot more hair in the shower for the last 2 months, pulling large wads of hair out of the plug-hole.


I thought my hair loss was accelerating in the winter, but it's definitely upped a gear recently. On the positive, I've not noticed any real change on my head. I'm actually 20-months post my third HT, if that has any bearing?




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I feel it stopped working for me after being on it about 20 years.


I stopped 6 months ago when I got my first HT.


Am considering rogaine for the crown though

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I don't think it stops working if it works for you. Your loss rate just eventually exceeded what the fin does for you. Think of a bath with a drain. When your loss is slow, the bath drains and there is no water in the tub ( the water is hair loss), eventually, the water coming out of the tap (damage of dht) exceeded the drain' s (fin) capacity. So water starts to fill the tub (hair loss). Stopping fin is like closing the drain and the rub fills up much faster than with out it being open.


Anyway, I have seen an average of 9 to 20 years where guys don't lose much ground on fin. I'm at 7.


Spex made it to 17 and he didn't lose much ground.


You could be experiencing a synced cycle from your last transplant. It's unusual, but does happen.

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Unfortunately, I didn't start using it until I was 40. Wish I'd started earlier. I'm now 49 and I feel iike it's still working well for me. Since I am not currently experiencing any sides and it's cheap enough, I plan to continue using it along with Rogaine.

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