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HT-3000 Grafts Eugenix Dr.Arika Bansal-30/06/17

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Hello everyone


I have undergone my 2nd HT @Eugenix Clinic,Gurgaon,India on 30th June 2017.Dr.Arika Bansal did my procedure.

I reached the clinic on 29th and met Mr.Nelson.He is such a wonderful person.Then i met Dr.Arika bansal, she discussed that i would require about 3000grafts instead of 5000 as we thought durning skype consultation.



Reached the clinic around 10am,finished all the pre-op formalities.My procedure started @11:00A.M. and lasted till 7:30 P.M.Total about 3000grafts were extracted and were placed on the frontal and crown region.The procedure was a breeze.There was not much pain apart from a couple of times when they injected me with local anaesthesia.


Dr.Arika Bansal and her team are wonderful.Apart from the procedure ,i had such a wonderful time with the team @eugenix..


After the procedure ,i was explained about all the post-op follow up.


Now is the waiting time.


I am attaching all the Pre-op and post-op pics.


P.S: I had a previous FUT procedure with one of the recommended Dr. on this forum.












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Work looks great.

Can you post some pics now on how the donor/ recipient is looking after 15 days post transplant

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Bald boy, thanks for sharing an update with us two months after surgery, I would say that everything looks the way I would expect… Healing nicely with no real signs of growth at this point that's what I would expect it to months, growth does not usually start until 3 to 5 months after surgery and even then, it's minimal and will progress over the next 6 to 8 months. I've never heard of your doctor, but the work does look nice and clean. I am interested in following your case to see how things grow. Please do keep us posted.


Best wishes,



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