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Following a futile surgery, (I went overseas to turkey from nyc) I would like to ask the community for some input. What should I do in this current state? The hairline looks very unnatural, I've developed bdd which has led me to currently obsess over this development. I'm thinking about using my student loan to just get another procedure to correct this.





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Well if you've developed a legit case of body dysmorphia then you need to seek a mental health expert who can help you work through it. In the case of dysmorphia you'd likely still be unhappy after even a well done procedure because that is just how bdd works, you obsess over a perfection that cannot exist or your bdd will move on to a new focus because bdd once rooted doesn't just get fixed by the obsession being improved enough it just migrates to new obsessions. You need to get the body image issues under control first before you consider any further procedures.

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How long ago was your procedure? Without knowing that, we can't tell how successful it was in terms of growth and density.


It does look like your surgeon dropped your temples too low. This doesn't have to be a disaster as it's easier to remove hairs than re-grow them or transplant them.


I can relate to anyone suffering from BDD. I was never diagnosed with it officially, but I never saw anyone who would be qualified to diagnose it and I know I had all of the psychological symptoms of the disorder. It can make a huge impact upon a person's life.


It looks like you already had a very good head of hair before your HT. Your hairline recession was very minor and it's possible that your best course of action is to have removed any hairs that contribute to an unnatural appearance. Having an additional surgery might not be necessary.


Could you provide some additional info, such as how long ago you had your procedure, age, etc and if possible, take some more photos in better light?

I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal.


My FUE Procedure With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result


I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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