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I'm considering going to Longevita for my FUE procedure.


All of their social media channels only show guys who have literally just had the procedure but what I would like to see/hear from is anyone who has had it done and what the results are like?


Their website shows some before and after pictures but I'm sceptical and would rather see a real example/story.

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I went with longevita ,but the Doc I went with as far as I know is no longer on their books so cant really advise as such , remember Longevita are just the middlemen not the actual clinic ,so you need to look into whichever clinic you choose and look at their actual results .

As it happens my transplant was successful and Longevita are legit in the sense they arrange everything

and are upfront about costs etc .But it will be a tech who performs the surgery or trichologist not an actual doctor so obviously you need to give that some thought .

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