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Hey everyone


Long time reader of this site and first time poster!


First of all, I would like to thank everyone here who share their experience and give recommendations..you guys are awesome for helping guys like me


I am 27 and Lives in Canada...balding runs in the family and need in a transplant badly but can't decide on surgeon.


I read so many good reviews on doctors from turkey on this forum and contacted two of the best Dr. Koray Erdogan & Dr. Hakan Dogney.


Email exchange with Asmed:


They responded asking for more pictures and when I sent few more with wet hair, Dr. Koray responded saying that I need 4500 - 5000 grafts, (which is 2.5 €/ graft)...where I will end up 11,250 Euro which I can't afford at the moment. But as I see many "before and after" pictures in the internet, I believe I wont be needing that many grafts (may be 3000 - 3500 should do).


Email exchange with Dr. Hakan:


His assistant (Mustafa) responded very quickly saying that i might need 4000 grafts and its 2 €/ graft. but if I book a date this month, they will offer 25% discount. So will end up paying 6000 €. But im doubtful on this doctor because I saw a very bad review of him on this forum (I know its not ethical to judge someones work based on one or two bad reviews) but i am really worried.



Also, dr koray suggested that I should use Finasteride, but I see the side effects of it (so, not willing to take the risk). I see fantastic reviews of this doctor and his procedure and results seems absolutely phenomenal.


But from the people who use Finasteride, can I know how is your experience?


Is there any one who recently got the surgery from dr. hakan and may i know how is it? (his price is way cheaper than dr. koray but recent bad reputation is turn off)


Basically, Im looking for a good surgeon who performs FUE via manual punch and at reasonable price in turkey.


Indai: Ive seen few people go to india for transplant, because it is cheaper than turkey, but I don't know who is best..any recommendations are highly appreciated and thank you for responding.

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