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Best Shampoo/Conditioner/Concealer?

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What is the best shampoo / conditioner / concealer to hide balding?


1. I've kind of noticed that really cheap shampoos I get from shitty hotels seem to give me more body than expensive shampoos. I can't figure out why. Nizoral might medically grow hair, but it does not give you body, so don't use it on nights on the town.


2. As for concealers, my opinion is that a. if you have a decent amount of hair, you are best off with Toppik, but Toppik won't do much if you have very little hair. If you have very little hair, you need one of the creams that make your scalp look black, like Couvre .

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I’m a little confused by this post. Are you asking and answering your own questions? Or are you providing your thoughts and then asking others for their opinion as well? Personally, I am not convinced that any shampoo or conditioner will regrow hair. Some, may have marginal benefit in helping to maintain existing hair or possibly even minimizing the appearance of thin hair by giving it volume and sickness.


Personally, my favorite shampoo to use has always been Revita and Nioxin (both the shampoo and conditioner).


As for concealer, they are all very similar and I think it really comes down to a matter of preference. That said, none of them seem to be overly easy to apply… At least not apply and have your hair look perfect and natural and dance immediately. I’ve always had to take a lot of time working with a product to even get it close to what I want which is why I never use them I think I’ve only really used concealers about 10 times just to try out a few various products. I’m sure it becomes easier to use with time so I’m sure others have varying experience and some may be experts at applying their concealer quickly.


Best wishes,



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I advise Caboki Hair Loss Concealer. Once you apply it, your hair will instantly look fuller, thicker and eliminate those embarrassing thinning hair areas.

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